Intelligent Resizer Tutorials

Content Aware Resizing tips:

  • Areas marked with green marker will remain unchanged as long as possible during resizing.
  • Areas marked with red marker will be removed first when resizing to smaller size and multiplied first when resizing to a larger size.
How to match the dimensions of your prints and your photos.

How to Adjust Photos to Proper Print Aspect Ratio Without Cropping

Learn how to avoid cropping a photo when you need to adjust its aspect ratio for a print.

You can easily make insta-size photo by using iResizer program.

How to Resize Image for Instagram Without Cropping

Ever take landscape photo that's great, but Instagram accept only square photos. Cropping will ruin the photo? Here's how to salvage that shot and resize images for instagram without cropping them in a few seconds.

iResizer lets you shrinking or enlarging images to improve a composition, fit a layout, or change the orientation.

How to Change Space Between Objects

Resize your photos for better composition and remove needless spacing between main objects of the scene.

If you need to scale an image to fill different specs, iResizer is a great tool.

How to Change Image Aspect Ratio Without Distortion

Make your best photos fit the desired aspect ratio and prevent distortions with iResizer in merely three simple steps.

You can easily remove a piece of content from a digital photo by using iResizer program.

How to Remove People from Photo

Wipe out an object spoiling the composition or unnecessary people from the photo in a few clicks.